By LFW 02/10/14 3:56 PM

Spanish authorities highlighted the importance of this project to european policies

The '2nd e-Infrastructure Construction Operational Meeting' of LifeWatch was opened by the vice chancellor for Scientist Policies and Research of Granada's University, María Dolores Suárez; the regional board director for Research, Technology and Business, Eva María Vázquez, and the chairman of the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority, Manuel Romero. They higlighted the importance of this project to upgrade the integrated management of natural resaurces in Europe based on a scientific network.

Suárez stressed the large number of attendees in this reunion and the importance of this infrastructure and she encouraged the 70 experts from 12 countries who were in the reunion to continue working on this enterprise to reach the aim of building this huge facility for european science.

Besides, she noted the accurate scientist environmental level in Spain and specially in Andalusia as well as its tools in knowledge management, giving as example the Andalusian Centre for Environment's work (IISTA-CEAMA). The remarcable work for Vazquez is the one of the Estación Biológica de Doñana, and other institutions as the Pablo de Olavide University or the Environmental Data Network in Andalusia (REDIAM).

Finally, the chairman of the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority pointed out that this meeting 'is a crucial step towards LifeWatch construction' and he foreground that Lifewatch is 'an essential tool to deepen knowledge in biodiversity and to do a management of natural resaurces founded in scientific awareness, with a global vision and integrated handling'.

Romero remembered the coordination bethween the Spanish Government and the regional Junta de Andalucía in order to increase the efficiency of the investments performed in the development of this european infrastructure. Besides, he higlighted that in this project two ministries have joined their efforts, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment one, and that they have appointed the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority to actively participate on it.