02/12/14 2:21 PM

ICT Requirements: security, data access, semantics enhancement and integration

Prof. Van Tienderen from Netherlands.
Prof. Van Tienderen from Netherlands.

LifeWatch has clear technological requirements to create its infraestructure backbone in five essential areas: security, data, support and storage, semantic enhancement and integration activities, as Peter van Tienderen explained to the audience of the 2┬║ Operational Meeting.

Van Tienderen noted that there is a need of a unique registration mechanism to allow users to use services, upload data, documents or work together, as well as publish results.

In respect to data, he highlighted that the resources must be accessible for researchers, so there is the need of analyze if Envri as well as other environmental Esfri could bring support partially, and to deploy new tools, specially to storage data from virtual laboratories.

The control of the workflow is a critical issue too, specially for the virtual laboratory in order to reproduce the researches or experiments. Moreover, for the data's  semantic annotations EUDAT is working with LifeWatch, which needs to tag the information to work with it.

Finally, there is a need to integrate existing solutions such as from those who comes from researches like BioVEL, ViBRANT, iMarine, EUBrazilOpenBio or Envri; as well as to build scalable solutions to virtual labs.