Governance & Managenent
07/3/14 1:19 PM

A special structure to reach the goals

A continuous dialogue is needed to close deals.

LifeWatch needs a special structure to develop the substantive effort needed to create a real and useful working environment for UE's scientist. As a consequence, it will be one of the European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERIC), a legal entity developed for pan-European infrastructures, governed by the member states.

During the last years research institutions and Governments have been working in the preparatory phase, building this project foundation, and now we are close to the constitution signature event. The e-Science and Technology European Research Infrastructure Consortium for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research --LifeWatch ERIC-- will be established in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No 723/2009 of 25 June 2009 on the Community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

The main effects of the setting-up of an ERIC will be:

  1. LifeWatch ERIC will have a legal personality in all EU Member State;
  2. LifeWatch ERIC will be recognized in all EU Member State as an IO, to the effects of Public procurement rules and taxes exemptions for purchases made in any EU Member State;
  3. The LifeWatch ERIC decisions will become national law in every EU Member State.

General Assembly

The General Assembly shall:

  • Approve Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding with Members, and any Rules, regulations, guidelines or other decisions required to ensure the performance of the tasks entrusted to the LifeWatch-ERIC;
  • Elect the members of the Board of Directors and appoint the members of the Management Committee;
  • Approve a program of work and, the annual budget and the accounts.


    The Stakeholders Board acts as provisional Lifewatch governing board: it executes all the tasks that will be performed by the future General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Management Committee of the future ERIC.

    At present the members of the LifeWatch stakeholders board are:

    • Spain: Benjamin Sanchez Gimeno & Juan Miguel Gonzalez Aranda
    • Italy: Alberto Bassetfor
    • The Netherlands: Peter van Tienderen
    • Hungary: Katalin Török
    • Romania: Viorel Vulturescu
    • Belgium: Rudy Herman
    • Finland: Laura Hoijer
    • Greece: Christos Arvanitidis
    • Sweden: Magnus Friberg


    • Austria: Michael Mirtl
    • France: Simon Tillier
    • Norway: Tor Heggberget

    Executive Board

    The Executive Board  shall be the legal representative of LifeWatch ERIC and will be responsible for its day-to-day management, ensuring consistence, coherence and stability of infrastructure services through decisions on implementation as well as coordination between the Common Facilities and Distributed LifeWatch Centres. Its members are appointed by the General Assembly.

    The Executive Board will prepare and implement the General Assembly decisions, prepare its decisions in future meetings and coordinate and manage the overall activities of the LifeWatch ERIC.

    The Executive Board will be of no more than five members and at least of three members, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Information and Telecommunication Technologies for 5 years and renewable.

    In the first application, the Executive Board is composed by:

    • Alberto Basset - Italy
    • Benjamin Sanchez Gimeno -  Spain
    • Peter van Tienderen - The Netherlands