This is the most ambitious challenge, going beyond biodiversity: Coopeus' scientist wants to have the whole picture, not only puzzle fragments. It is he aim of the propossal for an Action Plan.


An open coordination framework, with participation from Research Infrastructures from EU, US, Canada, Australia and Brazil, could provide support to new agreements on reciprocal access and advantages...

Coopeus WP6 Screening Workshop was organized by CSIC in Madrid 2013, in the framework of the European Grid Infrastructure (EGUI) Technical Forum. It was complemented by two other sessions: "e- Infrastructures & Biodiversity Workshop", and "Techniques used in the Biodiversity chain"….

Standars and open data, funding to boost collaboration, the incorporation of new techniques related to sensors and genomics and a strong collaboration in some issues like global names are the six essentials for the future to biodiversity researchers, according to a survey carried out by Coopeus WP6 members.

Scientist Jesús Marcos, representative of LifeWatch  highlighted the need a global approach to understand both the functioning of Earth System and the impacts provoked by human activities...


The carbon cycle plays a key role in regulating the Earth's climate by controlling the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. USA and EU collaborates with the aim of reach interoperability.

A survey showed that the majority of data offered by the Coopeus research infrastructures is available via the internet (>90%), but the accessibility to these data differ significantly….

The tool identified as the best candidate to support the exchange of information between scientist nowadays is VIVO, an open source application based on semantic web….