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LifeWatch is the European e-Science infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem research meant to provide advanced capabilities for research on the complex biodiversity system. The term ‘research infrastructure' refers strategic installation at european/international level supplying facilities, resources and related services to the scientific and other user's communities to conduct top-level activities in their respective field of science. On the top of that, e-Science infrastructures capitalise existing resources and data from physical infrastrutures, distributed centres and signle research groups. The capabilities offered by the LifeWatch, as a e-Science infrastructure, allow users to tackle the big basic questions in biodiversity, as well to address the urgent societal challenges concerning biodiversity, ecosystems and other crosscutting issues.

at the distributed Laboratory of "Molecular Biodiversity"
(deadline 18.04.2014)
In order to promote the research in the field of Molecular Biodiversity and promote a multidisciplinary integration of the Italian groups interested in the Biodiversity study, LifeWatch Italy invites the interested researchers to submit research projects that include the production of molecular data through "Next Generation sequencing" technologies (e.g. sequencing of amplicons, genomes and metagenomes) and their analysis, particularly concerning alien or invasive species and/or their impact on indigenous communities and interactions between species.
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*** Results of the evaluation MoBiLab – LifeWatch ITA Projects ***

*** Budget Clarifications (Italian Version) ***


You will find below our Show Cases,  examples of what LifeWatch is aiming to put in place. During this year LifeWatch team will release  three ShowCases: Migratory Birds, Wetlands and Alien Species, coordinated under a collaborative international spirit and focused in pressing scientific issues related to biodiversity
Show Cases - Alien Species Show Case
This section contains information in invasive alien species (IAS) and why they pose threat to biological diversity
  • What are the invasive alien species?
  • What is the problem? IAS are a main cause of biodiversity the global level.
  • What does it matter? IAS have affected native biota in almost every ecosystem type.   »
Alien Species Map


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