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Info day on European Research Development Funds-ERDF for Andalusia Region


Info day on ERDF for Andalusia Region

Today, LifeWatch ERIC held its open info day, in CSIC, Sevilla (Spain), on European Research Development Funds-ERDF-for the Andalusia Region. The focus was on the resources allocated for LifeWatch ERIC on this programme. Through this networking event LifeWatch ERIC aims to identify and highlight key directions to boost research in tight collaboration with its Communities of Practice at panEuropean and regional levels.

LifeWatch ERIC CEO, Christos Arvanitidis opened the event, and Juan Miguel González-Aranda, LifeWatch ERIC interim CTO, presented LifeWatch ERIC infrastructure in Spain, its ICT architecture and its integration at the European level.

Many the contributions scheduled during the day aimed at delivering a clearer picture of LifeWatch ERIC potential and applications for research, going from smart and remote sensing, supercomputing, data interoperability, to management and semantic web, Big Data, deep learning and artificial intelligence, Virtual Research Environments and IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Moreover, the event demonstrated the integration and synergies with specific projects, such as EOSC, IBER-GRID and IBERLIFE, GBIF and networks like EU-CELAC and BIODIVERSA. Connections with the institutional actors were also at the heart of today's programme with particular reference to the Environmental information system of Andalusia (REDIAM) and the Spanish cadastre of biodiversity (IEPNB). Last but not least, a wide space was left for the presentation of case studies and Q&A, with a full session dedicated to the technical aspects and project teams.

Please check the programme  for details.