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Workshop Thesauri & Semantics


Workshop Thesauri & Semantics

UPDATE: Contributions presented during the workshop and video recordings of the sessions are now available here.



On 9 and 10 June 2016, LifeWatch Italy will hold its workshop "Thesauri & Semantics in the Ecological Domain". The workshop will be held in Lecce (Italy), in the BIOforIU Multidisciplinary Laboratory of the University of Salento (BIOforIU), with the support of CNR IREA. The two days will be organized as follows:


Thursday, 09/06/2016

sharing good management practices of semantics in the context of ecology


Friday, 10/06/2016

discussing collaboration opportunities in the development and integration of thesauri/vocabularies.


To ensure the best organization and quality of the workshop, we are starting to collect registrations which will be opened until May 13rd. You can attend the workshop either as presenter or participant. Please use our form ( to register and/or propose a presentation. Please also note that due to the very concentrated schedule of the workshop we might not be able to accept all proposals.

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