Webinars on Designing and Developing Data Services for End Users

The ENVRI Community International Summer School 2022 "Road to a FAIR ENVRI-Hub: Designing and Developing Data Services for End Users" will take place in Lecce, Italy, from 10–15 July. It will cover topics such as user interfaces, packaging of services, reusability and validation of services, and building and supporting networks through the lens of the ENVRI-Hub approach.

The School will be preceded by two optional and stand-alone webinars in the month of June, on “Designing and Developing Data Services for End Users”. Participation in the webinars can be in preparation for the School or as stand-alone sessions, for those who cannot attend the School, or those who are still considering registering.

Road to a FAIR ENVRI-Hub


The webinars are particularly aimed at IT architects, Research Infrastructure (RI) service developers and user support staff, and RI staff working on user interaction and community/network building. Links to the sessions will be provided upon registration.

Webinar #1: Service validation & evaluation: making sure your services are up to the task

Friday 17 June, 10:00-11:30 CEST

Zoom (link to be provided upon registration)


  • Validating services & assessing their TRL – Mark van de Sanden (SURF)
  • Service evaluation: why & how – Yin Chen (EGI)
  • Evaluating ENVRI services: experiences from the ENVRIplus – Maggie Hellström (ICOS)
  • Q&A and general discussion – plenary

Webinar #2: Service documentation & tutorials: rolling out the red carpet for end users

Thursday 23 June, 10:00-11:30 CEST

Zoom (link to be provided upon registration)


  • Writing effective service documentation for EUDAT services – Rob Carrillo (EUDAT& Chris Ariyo (EUDAT/CSC)
  • Service tutorial design: experiences from EOSC Synergy – Helen Clare (Jisc)
  • Using Jupyter Notebooks to introduce services to “new” end users – Maggie Hellström (ICOS)
  • Q&A and general discussion – plenary














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Mark van de Sanden


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Chris Ariyo's Bio

Chris Ariyo is a Senior System Specialist at the International Data Management & Collaboration, CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland. He is a member of the DICE Operational Advisory Board (OAB), a task leader for DICE Task 4.1 (Integration of data services with computing platforms), and member of DICE Task 4.4 (Sensitive Data), as well as a EUDAT B2SHARE CDI service owner.

Rob Carrillo's Bio

Rob Carrillo is the Outreach Coordinator of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure where he oversees its user documentation activities. He is also a Project Manager for Trust-IT Services where he implemented several pan-European communications strategies for a number of EU projects and research infrastructures including user documentation section for the EOSC Portal.

Yin Chen's Bio

Yin Chen is a Senior Community Support Officer for, and currently working on a number of projects including, EGI-ACE, EOSC-Future, PITHIA-NRF, TRIPLE. Previously, she was also involved in EOSC-hub, OPERAS-P,  eXtreme DataCloud-XDC, INDIGO DataCloud, ENVRIplus and EGI-Engage. She holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. Her research focuses on large-scale scientific data and metadata management, distributed data e-infrastructure, cloud/grid computing and research infrastructures. Before joined EGI, she worked in the ENVRI project, where she led the development of the ENVRI Reference Model. She has worked for a number of research institutions in the UK, including Cardiff University, Edinburgh University, UK National e-Science Center, EDINA, and the UK Medical Research Council. She has also worked as a system analysis and design expert in the software industry in Japan.

Helen Clare's Bio

Helen has over 20 years’ experience working in IT training and staff development in the education sector. For the last 7 years has specialised in supporting skills for open research at Jisc and in the EOSC Synergy and EOSC Future projects, where she supports the development of quality online tutorials.

Maggie Hellström's Bio

Maggie Hellström (PhD) is a scientist and data management specialist at the ICOS Carbon Portal and Lund University, Sweden. For the last decade, Maggie has been working with research data management questions for ICOS, and the wider community of European research infrastructures in environmental and Earth sciences (ENVRIs). Her special interests include Open Science and FAIR, persistent identification & citation of research resources, and designing & delivering training on how to best manage research data.

Mark van de Sanden's Bio

Mark is a technical specialist at SURF and the technical coordinator of EUDAT. He specialises in data management and large scale data infrastructures and has been involved in many EOSC related projects, was member of the EOSC Architecture WG and is member of the EOSC Association task force on Technical Interoperability. In EOSC Future he is member of the Technical Coordination Board and involved in the EOSC Architecture and Interoperability activities and in the task to align the EOSC Core capabilities and Inclusion criteria with the EOSC Rules of Participation.


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