First Dahlem-type Workshop

Seville, Spain, 14-18 October, 2019.

The LifeWatch ERIC Internal Joint Initiative starts with its 1st Dahlem-type Workshop on current and future challenges of Non-indigenous and Invasive Species (NIS)  in Europe,

LifeWatch ERIC needs to boost its construction and to engage users in developing their research activities into the Virtual Research Environments of the e-Science Infrastructures, by clearly demonstrating and documenting the added value these new technologies bring to address challenging hot topics.

LifeWatch ERIC has started an Internal Joint Initiative with the exact aim of addressing these needs and reinforcing the positioning of LifeWatch ERIC within the biodiversity and ecosystem scientific community. Non-indigenous and Invasive Species has been selected as the subject for the demonstration cases.


The Bulgarian National Distributed Centre is represented by the  Agricultural University-Plovdiv.

To know more about how Bulgaria contributes to LifeWatch ERIC, please visit our dedicated webpage.