vLab & Innovations Centre

The Virtual Laboratory & Innovations Centre is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The vLab & Innovations Centre coordinates and manages the requirements and needs analysis, the design and implementation of the scientific case studies and the products of the LifeWatch ERIC Virtual Laboratories.


These e-Labs are implemented and deployed via the LifeWatch ERIC distributed ICT e-Infrastructure facilities and made accessible through the Service Centre to the Biodiversity Scientific Community.

This procedure guarantees the overall coherence of the Research Infrastructure by promoting synergies regarding the semantic interoperability of data, services and final users.

The Virtual Laboratory & Innovations Centre is responsible for the implementation of the virtual research environment, creating the environment for open-source cooperation, and offers scientific support for the construction of specific prioritised Virtual Laboratories across Europe.

Contact details

Interim Director
Peter H. van Tienderen


Phone Number
+31 525 78 96

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