LifeWatch Greece

Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology & Aquaculture,
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Thalassokosmos,
Former US Base at Gournes, 71003, Crete, Greece

LifeWatchGreece fulfills the vision to establish the biodiversity Centre of Excellence for South-eastern Europe, by: (a) Allying all the Greek scientific human potential working on biodiversity data and data observatories; (b) Paving the way for the development of complex virtual domains through a number of background e-Services; (c) Developing a number of virtual labs (vLabs) as contribution to LifeWatch-ERIC; (d) Building capacity at the national level through a network of activities; (e) Disseminating information, scientific knowledge and experience gained to the public.

Download the leaflet to know more about LifeWatch Greece.


All of the past and current activities are published as peer-reviewed articles in the Biodiversity Data Journal:



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The Bulgarian National Distributed Centre is represented by the  Agricultural University-Plovdiv.

To know more about how Bulgaria contributes to LifeWatch ERIC, please visit our dedicated webpage.