Conclussions and actions to LifeWatch ICT-Core construction


Conclussions and actions to LifeWatch ICT-Core construction

The 2nd Construction Operational Meeting concluded after two days of intense analysis an debate with a clear framework and the path to take in the next months up to LifeWatch's legal constitution as a research infrastructure for Europe (ESFRI). The conclusions where presented to the European Commission in a virtual conference which was attended by the officers Anna-Maria Johansson and Paul Tuinderfrom, from the Directorate General for Research and Innovation (RTD) and Luis Carlos Busquets and Carlos Morais-Pires from the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (Connect).

One of the priority task is to create an ICT Core Construction Committee (IC3). It will be composed by representatives from the Spanish and Portuguese (Iberlife) team devoted to this enterprise, in tightly connection with one technical spokesperson of the distributed centres that will be built by the different countries committed to LifeWatch. In respect to he common facilities, there will be a member on behalf of the LifeWatch Service Centre and another from Innovation Laboratories into the IC3.

As well, it was agreed that the same reciprocity principle will be applied from the perspective of these LifeWatch Service Centre and Innovation Laboratories future respective governance schemes. A detailed work plan should be prepared by IC3 and it might be ready in two months.

All members agreed LifeWatch will need members support in different areas: selection and implementation of standards and protocols, starting with authentication and authorization infrastructure services; collaborative spaces, and computing and storage capabilities.

In respect to short to mid-term actions related to information and communications technology construction, the meeting ended with a roadmap. Among other task and developements, one must is to create the LifeWatch Portal shared components. Besides, it should be cerated a Portal data-warehouse for the integration of abiotic variables. In addition, other important issues are the building of a Portal data-warehouse prototype related with biotic variables, and the integration of the GBIF nodes Toolkit Portal for the implementation of LifeWatch National Nodes Portals prototypes in cooperation with the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities.

Furthermore, the countries will tacke the inclusion of the first demos and probes of the virtual laboratories in the LifeWatch Portal in cooperation with the Service Centre and the Innovation Laboratories.

19. 02. 2014