LifeWatch progress meeting in Santander


LifeWatch progress meeting in Santander

The EGI-LifeWatch Competence Center has organized a workshop in Santander to analyze the progress in the Esfri construction, as well as to discuss the next actions that might be taken in the next months. The meeting will take place from 2nd to 4th September at the Instituto de FĂ­sica de Cantabria. It will adress in particular four topics:

1-Pattern recognition tools for Citizen Science

2- Data flow handling, from the instrumentation to the repositories

3 -Use of R-tools

4- Workflows: Galaxy and TRUFA

The objective is sharing and learning about the activities that have been developed over the current year. Additionally, on the second day researchers will also explore the possibility of launching new environmental initiatives that could contribute to LifeWatch's success. The meeting agenda is available here.

Moreover, the conference will be availabe via Video Streaming On Demand for those stakeholders unable to travel to Santander. The online platform will make possible that researchers not only hear the meeting but be entitled to participate in the discussions. In respect to logistics issues, IFCA's building is the Edificio Juan Jorda within the Campus of the University of Cantabria in Santander (Spain), behind the Facultad de Ciencias, in the Avenida de los Castros (see map). You can find more information at the institute website (link).

02. 09. 2015