Service Center, support for the scientific community

Service Center, support for the scientific community

Lifewatch, as an international and electronical infrastructure, ought to have a Service Center to facilitate it's accesibility, giving information and support to users. It also receives requests and tries to provide the apropriate answer, and as a consequence another main task is to detect new needs and report them to the ICT-Core and Statutory Seat in order to redesign developements priorities.

This facility is a contribution from Italy, was opened in June 22nd 2012 and since then works in thight coordination with Spain, wich is LifeWatch's leader.The inauguration ceremony was celebrated in Lecce. The event was attended by authorities representing Salento University and the National Research Council CNR, as well as several regional and national bodies, including the Environment Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The interventions by these delegates highlighted that the further development of the LifeWatch Service Centre will be funded by large investments from regional and national Italian bodies.

The Service Centre (Italy) will deal, in tight coordination with ICT-Core and Statutory Seat (Spain),  with the provision of services to the user community so as to facilitate the infrastructure accessibility , giving information and support with a particular focus to scientists, fosters the user engagement in the services' development, draws new communities of interest to the infrastructure.



LifeWatch Service Centre Inauguration

Roberto Tortoli

Vice President, Environment Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputy


22. 06. 2012