LifeWatch ERIC is launching a series of actions to connect with the scientific community to better engage scientists in the development of its research infrastructure.
The first action is the Monthly poll, dedicated to gathering direct feedback and inputs from the scientists to LifeWatch ERIC in order to understand the needs of its scientific community and build and deliver better and more targeted services. This is the first stepping stone towards a more complete survey on your scientific needs, so stay tuned!
In parallel, LifeWatch ERIC is launching a weekly series on Twitter with more direct and shorter questions on current hot topics for the biodiversity and ecosystem community.
Additionnally, we will start a new section on our website, entitled "Did you know?", where we address the topics behind our questions, as well as other relevant issues, providing associated resources, like knowledge maps, papers, definitions, videos, and more.

LifeWatch ERIC Monthly Polls





Did you know?

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