LifeWatch ERIC newsletter | Issue 03

Welcome to the third edition of the LifeWatch ERIC newsletter, which covers major events from August to October 2019. The Internal Joint Initiative (IJI), launched in October, leads the bulletin. The IJI brings together scientific communities in National Nodes and other Research Infrastructures to thoroughly describe the issues around Non-indigenous and Invasive Species (NIS), considered a major threat to biodiversity around the world.

To support the Internal Joint Initiative, a five-day Dahlem-type Workshop was organised in Seville, Spain, that involved experts from different domains in identifying resources and tools to address NIS issues.  The Azorean Biodiversity Portal officially became associated with LifeWatch ERIC; biodiversity data scientists pledged collaboration at Biodiversity_Next to combat global extinctions; and LifeWatch ERIC brought science to the people in European Researchers' Night events in Member States.  

Stay informed on upcoming international conferences, and stay tuned for the latest from the Second Dahlem-type Worhshop in Rome, Italy, 2 - 6 December, and the LifeWatch ERIC 5th General Assembly in Leuven, Belgium, on 11- 12 December. And don't forget to sign up for this quartlerly newsletter to catch up on the latest updates from National Nodes and developments in international biodiversity and ecosystem research. Click here to subscribe:

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