Plenary Session, 27 May, 2019: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Theory.

James Bullock | Biodiversity and ecosystem services: how are they linked in the real world? Download PDF

Michel LoreauBiodiversity and stability of ecological systems: new perspectives on an old debate. Download PDF

Tim WhiteCritical Zone science – a transdisciplinary approach to Earth science and environmental science Download PDF


Plenary Session, 28 May, 2019: Data Modelling and Supporting Disruptive Technologies.

Pedro Beja | Next Generation Sequencing: opportunities and challenges of a disruptive technology for biodiversity assessment and monitoring. Download PDF

Annalisa Bracco | CYCLE (ConnectivitY of CoraL Ecosystems) in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Integrating field studies, modelling and state-of-the-art genetic approaches for informed decisions in marine protected areas. Download PDF

Davide Salomoni | Challenges and opportunities for the realization of a federated, international life science data lake. Download PDF

Regino Zamora Rodríguez | Sierra Nevada Thematic Center as a Proof of Concept for LifeWatch. Download PDF


Plenary Session, 28 May, 2019: Marine Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning.

Julie Bremner | Marine ecosystem functioning – to the benthos and beyond. Download PDF

Tasman Crowe | Impacts of multiple stressors on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Download PDF

Juanjo Dañobeitia | The challenge of continuous monitoring the deep sea and its benefits to understand the fundamental processes in global changes. Downlaod PDF

Paul J. Somerfield | Data, analysis, modelling: harmony and discord. 


Plenary Session, 29 May, 2019: Marine Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning.

Roberto Danovaro | Towards a global Census of deep-sea biodiversity. Downoad PDF

Mike Elliott The path to an integrated marine management system analysis approach to protect biodiversity. Download PDF


Plenary Session, 29 May, 2019: Data Modelling and Supporting Disruptive Technologies.

Juan Miguel González-Aranda LifeBlock, the LifeWatch ERIC Blockchain platform in support of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Communities of Practice. Download PDF

Keith Jeffery VRE: The future of research. Downlaod PDF

Antonello ProvenzaleModelling climate impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity: light and dark sides. Download PDF

Georg Umgiesser Numerical Modelling in European Environmental Infrastructures. Download PDF