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Here you can find the relevant information about past and current procurement processes conducted by LifeWatch ERIC.

If you have any specific questions regarding our procurement processes, please check our Procurement Rules or contact statutoryseat[at]

  • INVITATION TO TENDER: Auditing of the 2021 Financial Statements.
  • MAXIMUM BUDGET: 9,750.00€
  • DURATION: The duration of the contract will regard the financial year 2021. The assignment is envisaged to continue until the approval by the General Assembly of the 2021 Financial Statements, by 30 June 2022.
  • PROCEDURE FOR TENDER SUBMISSION: Email statutoryseat[at] 
  • DEADLINE FOR TENDER SUBMISSION: 30 November 2021 | 18:00 CET.
  • CLARIFICATIONS: Potential tenderers are advised to read all sections carefully before tendering. All requests for clarification and other communication from tenderers should be directed to: statutoryseat[at]
    Questions shall be submitted in English only and solely for the purpose of clarifying the procurement documents and procedure. No requests for clarification will be accepted after 23 November 2021 | 12:00 CET.

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