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Slovenia joined LifeWatch ERIC in 2017 and it contributes to LifeWatch ERIC through its National Distributed Centre.

Since 2016, LifeWatch has also been on the Slovenian national RI roadmap. The LifeWatch-SI National Consortium was officially established in 2015.

The LifeWatch-SI consortium consists of 10 partners from nationally and internationally recognised scientific institutions, universities, a regional park, a national museum, and an NGO, all active in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem research, with ZRC SAZU serving as the national coordinator and headquarters of LifeWatch-SI.

What We Do


The Database of Slovenian Bird Ringing Center (BRDbase) is an application that enables bird ringers operating at Slovenian Museum of Natural History to store and process data on ringed birds and birds found with the ring (recoveries).
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ProteusWatch vLab

ProteusWatch vLab is planned to be developed as an e-services access to infrared videos and images captured in the karst underground habitat of Proteus anguinus, the largest European cave amphibian, endemic to Slovenia.
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The FOR-PLAT LifeWatch RI-SI data platform managed by the Slovenian Forestry Institute represents the first step towards the establishment of Data centre for observation, modelling and analysis of biodiversity in forest ecosystems in Slovenia.
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Karst Groundwater Habitats vLab

Karst groundwater habitats vLab is planned as an e-services that gives access to sensor data collected in the framework of the Slovenian LifeWatch project in order and to explore and analyse these data.
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Marine Biological Station in Piran at National Institute of Biology keeps a large number of data from the marine environment (Buoy VIDA, vector data) that are available to researchers and decision makers for marine environmental research.
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Meteo station Jelševnik

The Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU installed a meteorological station with soil sensors in Jelševnik (Bela krajina) in SE -Slovenia, near the habitat of Proteus anguinus parkelj.
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Several partners from the  LifeWatch Slovenia consortium actively contribute, with new ecological research measurements and observations which are integrated into dedicated data and services for different ecosystem domains:

1. Terrestrial ecosystem: The Database of the Slovenian Bird Ringing Centre (BRDbase);

2. Marine ecosystem: Buoy VIDA, vector data service;

3. Forest ecosystem: the FOR-PLAT data platform;

4. Aquatic ecosystem, with two future virtual labs to assess and monitor inaccessible and unique karst groundwater biodiversity hotspots (e.g. Proteus anguinus and various cave invertebrates): ProteusWatch vLab and Karst Groundwater Habitats vLab.

This leaflet presents the LifeWatch Slovenia Distributed Centre, its main activities and organisational structure.

You can browse the leaflet online (full screen mode is available in the control bar) or download it by clicking on the three dots icon.


News from LifeWatch Slovenia

General Assembly Members

Albin Kralj2

Albin Kralj

Albin Kralj's Bio

Albin Kralj is a Member of the LifeWatch ERIC General Assembly.

He works at the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MIZS) and is a national delegate in ESFRI. He serves as a member of general assemblies / councils / boards of governors of various Ris.


The Bulgarian National Distributed Centre is represented by the  Agricultural University-Plovdiv.

To know more about how Bulgaria contributes to LifeWatch ERIC, please visit our dedicated webpage.