This meeting aimed to bring together the LifeWatch ERIC communities of scientists and developers to generate and advance the discussion of the most promising lines of scientific development along three key themes: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Theory; Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning [and Services]; Data Analysis, Modelling & Supporting Disruptive Technologies. At the same time, LifeWatch ERIC wanted to identify major gaps in scientific knowledge that need to be addressed in the next five to ten years, with particular emphasis on the key societal challenges regarding biodiversity and ecosystem science that we need to address, and proposing nature-based approaches to natural resource managers and decision-makers.

Plenary Session, 27 May, 2019: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Theory.

James Bullock | Biodiversity and ecosystem services: how are they linked in the real world? Download PDF

Michel Loreau | Biodiversity and stability of ecological systems: new perspectives on an old debate. Download PDF

Tim White | Critical Zone science – a transdisciplinary approach to Earth science and environmental science Download PDF

Plenary Session, 28 May, 2019: Data Modelling and Supporting Disruptive Technologies.

Pedro Beja | Next Generation Sequencing: opportunities and challenges of a disruptive technology for biodiversity assessment and monitoring. Download PDF

Annalisa Bracco | CYCLE (ConnectivitY of CoraL Ecosystems) in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Integrating field studies, modelling and state-of-the-art genetic approaches for informed decisions in marine protected areas. Download PDF

Davide Salomoni | Challenges and opportunities for the realization of a federated, international life science data lake. Download PDF

Regino Zamora Rodríguez | Sierra Nevada Thematic Center as a Proof of Concept for LifeWatch. Download PDF

Plenary Session, 28 May, 2019: Marine Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning.

Julie Bremner | Marine ecosystem functioning – to the benthos and beyond. Download PDF

Tasman Crowe | Impacts of multiple stressors on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Download PDF

Juanjo Dañobeitia | The challenge of continuous monitoring the deep sea and its benefits to understand the fundamental processes in global changes. Download PDF

Paul J. Somerfield | Data, analysis, modelling: harmony and discord

Plenary Session, 29 May, 2019: Marine Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning.

Roberto Danovaro | Towards a global Census of deep-sea biodiversity. Download PDF

Mike Elliott | The path to an integrated marine management system analysis approach to protect biodiversity. Download PDF

Plenary Session, 29 May, 2019: Data Modelling and Supporting Disruptive Technologies.

Juan Miguel González-Aranda | LifeBlock, the LifeWatch ERIC Blockchain platform in support of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Communities of Practice. Download PDF

Keith Jeffery | VRE: The future of research. Download PDF

Antonello Provenzale | Modelling climate impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity: light and dark sides. Download PDF

Georg Umgiesser | Numerical Modelling in European Environmental Infrastructures. Download PDF