Who we are

LifeWatch ERIC is a European Infrastructure Consortium providing e-Science research facilities to scientists seeking to increase our knowledge and deepen our understanding of Biodiversity organisation and Ecosystem functions and services in order to support civil society in addressing key planetary challenges.


LifeWatch ERIC was established as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium by the European Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2017/499 of 17 March 2017.


An interactive map of all Research Infrastructures, including ERICs, is available at this link.


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Mission & Vision

In setting up LifeWatch ERIC, the EC is seeking to address, by means of long term investment, the global factors (climate, demographic pressure, pollution, soil consumption, etc.) responsible for ongoing loss of biological diversity and ecosystem functioning, with direct impacts on the well-being and development of today's society. Understanding the evolution and functions of biodiversity and ecosystem services is now of crucial importance, not only for scientific reasons, but also to meet the demand from policy makers, managers and stakeholders for scientific-based tools.

This requires analysis of both impacts and managerial decisions on a range of spatial and temporal scales; observation (and monitoring) of data from both ecosystems and laboratory experiments; and appropriate storage and management of relevant data. It also implies the setting of standards to ensure interoperability and accurate models of ecosystem dynamics.

LifeWatch ERIC seeks to understand the complex interactions between species and the environment, taking advantage of High-Performance, Grid and Big Data computing systems, and the development of advanced modelling tools to implement management measures aimed at preserving life on Earth.

Combining a wide range of ICT tools and resources with deep knowledge of the domain, LifeWatch ERIC's mission is to be a "first class" worldwide provider of content and services for the Biodiversity research community by:

  • Offering new opportunities for large-scale scientific development 

  • Enabling accelerated data capture with innovative new technologies
  • Supporting knowledge-based decision-making for biodiversity and 
ecosystem management
  • Providing training, dissemination and awareness programmes. 

Impacts & perspectives

As an e-Infrastructure and structuring tool for the European Research Area, LifeWatch ERIC represents a significant step forward, empowering users and stakeholders as they seek to address societal challenges linked to climate change and resource efficiency, food security and agriculture, sustainable development and energy supply, security and health.

LifeWatch ERIC is committed to:

  • Reaching the computers of all scientists, ecosystem managers & decision makers, and including citizens in science making
  • Providing VREs, vLabs & Big Data paradigm-based tools to conduct cutting-edge research
  • Boosting technological innovation, continuously improving the performance of our VREs, opening up new fields for socio-economic development
  • Establishing synergies with various national & regional stakeholders, particularly in respect to RIS3
  • Promoting democracy & creativity in science.

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