The MedOBIS vLab provides reliable and quality controlled marine species and habitats datasets from all over the Mediterranean Sea. It disseminates valuable historical and current occurrence records and environmental information.

MedOBIS facilitates data gathering, storage, analysis, sharing and visualizing. This information gives the ability to predict distribution changes and an opportunity of better management on regional and global scale. It is available after registration through LifeWatchGreece portal.

MEDObis vLab Publications

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  • Tsikopoulou, I., Legaki, A., Dimitriou, P., Avramidou, E., Bailly, N., & Nikolopoulou, S. (2016). Digging for historical data on the occurrence of benthic macrofaunal species in the southeastern Mediterranean. Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e10071.
  • Chatzinikolaou, E., Faulwetter, S., Mavraki, D., Bourtzis, T., & Arvanitidis, C. (2016); Data Policy and Data Sharing Agreement in the LifeWatchGreece Research Infrastructure. Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e10849.
  • Gougousis, A., & Bailly, N. (2016): LifeWatchGreece Portal development: architecture, implementation and challenges for a biodiversity research e-infrastructure. Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e9434.

The Bulgarian National Distributed Centre is represented by the  Agricultural University-Plovdiv.

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