Alien and Invasive Species

The LifeWatch Alien Species Virtual Research Environment (Alien Species VRE) has been built and equipped in order to developing systems that support the scientist's work for experimental researches on alien species arrival and spread into different types of ecosystems (aquatic and terrestrial).

The Alien Species VRE is an example of the types of scientific studies that researchers on biodiversity and alien species could undertake.

The goal is to obtain a list of capabilities on the topic to be shared through the LifeWatch portal with all those interested in alien and invasive species.

MedOBIS vLab Services

MedOBIS vlab services:

Visualisation – By logging in MedOBIS vLAb the user can visualise datasets using the + tab, on the left of the application. The attribute table of the selected dataset is activated on the bottom. The user can zoom in and zoom out, find information for each point, show the legend, and save as csv or kml. Any other format of data, such us shapefiles coming from other projects can also be visualised on the map.

Metadata – This information is retrieved from MedOBIS IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit- ).     


The Bulgarian National Distributed Centre is represented by the  Agricultural University-Plovdiv.

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