Assemble Plus Conference 2022 – Marine biological research at the frontier

Assemble Plus Conference

Online, 13–24 June 2022.

Participate in the Assemble Plus Conference 2022 – “Marine biological research at the frontier” which will take place online between 13 and 24 June 2022. The conference is organised by the Assemble Plus project partnered by a network of marine stations and institutes led by EMBRC ERIC – the European Marine Biological Resource Centre

The conference will include keynote speakers, invited lectures by Assemble Plus users, match making with industry, service/technology demonstrations and workshops.  

We strongly encourage you to follow the event and please feel free to spread the word among your circles. This is an opportunity for researchers, academia, industry and policymakers, to be connected and share experiences, knowledge and a chance to establish partnerships. 

“ASSEMBLE 2022 – Marine biological research at the frontier” will showcase recent developments in marine biology and ecology; state-of-the-art technologies available at marine stations and institutes; how to access biological resources and marine research infrastructure; how to improve services provided by marine stations; knowledge transfer to industry, and sustainability of research infrastructures.  

Registration is open until 6 June 2022.


The Bulgarian National Distributed Centre is represented by the  Agricultural University-Plovdiv.

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