ENVRI Open Science Trek campaign

Online, 5–8 May 2020.  The ENVRI community has organised a virtual campaign to replace the originally planned Townhall meeting at #EGU20. Come to the ENVRI Twitter or YouTube channel, or here on the website each day from Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 May at 1:00pm CEST and discuss with us questions, like:

• Who pays in the Open Science environment?

• What does Open Science mean for your career?

• What are the technological challenges of Open Science?

• What does the future hold for scientific data?

One video will be released each day to probe into the key issues in Open Science in Geosciences:

• On Tuesday May 5th, Wouter Los will talk about the idea of COMMON DATA MARKETPLACE

• On Wednesday 6th, Sarah Callaghan, the editor-in-chief of the open access journal Patterns, will speak about the OPEN ACCESS BUSINESS MODEL

• On Thursday 7th, Daniele Bailo will talk about the TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGES OF OPEN SCIENCE.

Come and join in, question and discuss the key issues you have with open science in Geosciences at ENVRI community Twitter channel or under each video published on the ENVRI YouTube channel.
You will be able to raise any question or start a discussion from 1pm CEST after the videos are published – the speakers and other ENVRI colleagues will be eager to talk to you and answer your questions.


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