Framework and knowledge map

The Internal Joint Initiative (IJI) was instigated by LifeWatch ERIC in 2019 to build the next generation of Virtual Research Environments (VREs). Informaticians at the ICT-Core in Spain and the Service Centre in Italy worked extensively with scientists from biodiversity & ecosystem communities across Europe to develop new platforms and tools that those researchers required to take their investigations to the next level.

Here you can learn about the general framework of the IJI.

General Framework for the Internal Joint Initiative

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Open Knowledge Map

Knowledge maps provide an instant overview of a topic by showing the main areas at a glance, and papers related to each area clustering similar open and closed access papers. If you want to know more about Open Knowledge Map tool please visit this link.


The Bulgarian National Distributed Centre is represented by the  Agricultural University-Plovdiv.

To know more about how Bulgaria contributes to LifeWatch ERIC, please visit our dedicated webpage.