LifeWatch ERIC BEeS Biodiversity and Ecosystem eScience Conference

Bees Conference

Seville, Spain, 22–24 May 2023.

This Biodiversity Day, don’t miss out on the LifeWatch ERIC BEes Biodiversity and Ecosystem eScience Conference “Threats and challenges to biodiversity and ecosystem conservation from an eScience perspective”.

Submit your abstracts until 30 April on the following topics: major threats to the Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystem health, Macroecological and biogeographical approaches to biodiversity conservation, Ecosystem and habitat mapping, Animal biology and behavioral traits, “System of systems” biodiversity observation, Biodiversity and ecosystem responses to climate change, and finally, Natural capital and the “One Health” approach. There will also be a round table on the theme of World Biodiversity Day, moderated by LifeWatch ERIC and keynote speakers.

Visit the conference minisite to sign up and/or submit your abstract.

Mareamico’s 31st Conference of the Sea

Mareamico 2022

Gallipoli, Italy, 6–9 October 2022.

Following last year, Mareamico is bringing back the Conference of the Sea in 2022, reaching its 31st edition, held in Gallipoli at the Galleria dei due mari from 6–9 October 2022. The theme this year will be SAFEGUARDING BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES AND THE BLUE ECONOMY.

Among the issues that will be discussed at Mareamico 2022 are the management and recognition of the value of these resources, both by experts (including Professor Alberto Basset, director of the LifeWatch ERIC Service Centre), and local and national institutional and political representatives.

For more information and the programme, please visit the Mareamico website (in Italian).