Operational Phase

Admit Bulgaria as the eighth EU Member State of LifeWatch ERIC
Continue its participation in 4 ongoing and 10 new projects
Grow by 45,4%, with a total human potential of 33 employees
Bring the prototype of the Infrastructure up to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6
Deliver 6 workflows at an operationally tested stage for LifeWatch ERIC IJI
Maintain a high-level dialogue with ERICs, RIs, International Organisations & Networks


Operational Phase

One new EU project funded: ALL-Ready
Implementation of LifeWatch ERIC Internal Joint Initiative (IJI)
First release of LifeWatch ERIC Tesseract, LifeBlock and Metadata catalogue
Initiation of the preparations for the next five-year period
Expansion of dialogue and fostering of collaboration with ERICs, RIs, International Organisations and Networks, and Stakeholders


Operational Phase

Three new EU funded Projects: ENVRI-FAIR, Resinfra EU-LAC, ERIC Forum
First Scientific Community Meeting
First National Support Networks Meeting
Portugal joins LifeWatch ERIC
Start of LifeWatch ERIC Internal Joint Initiative (IJI)
Prototypes of LifeBlock & Tesseract
Co-organisation of Biodiversity Next Conference


Operational Phase

Management & governance gathering speed
Establishment of the three Common Facilities Offices
Recruitment of the first units of personnel
Launch of LifeWatch ERIC Website
Organisation of ERIC Forum in Seville


Operational Phase

Establishment of LifeWatch ERIC by the European Union


Transition Phase

Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate for the start of LifeWatch
Organisation of the first Inter-ministerial meeting
Organisation of five Operational meetings
Inaugurations of the Statutory Seat (Seville, Spain) and Service Centre (Lecce, Italy)


Preparatory phase