ERIC Forum elects new Chair F. Colomer

New ERIC Forum Chair elected: Francisco Colomer

The ERIC Forum is pleased to announce the appointment of Francisco Colomer, Director of JIVE ERIC, as the new Chair of the ERIC Forum.  

The new Chair, with the support of members from the Executive Board, will be in charge of the strategic management and planning of the ERIC Forum, strengthening its dialogue and relations with key stakeholders such as the European Commission and the ESFRI.  

Francisco Colomer commented that “the best researchers need the best research infrastructures to produce the best science“. The ERIC Forum, which is one of the leading science policy voices in Europe, “emphasises the critical role of European research infrastructures as high level service providers to those researchers, to make science and innovation possible, while increasing the visibility and relevance of ERICs in the individual European member states“. 

Composition of the Executive Board: 

Each member of the Executive Board represents a scientific cluster (Social Sciences and Humanities, Life Sciences, Environment and Earth Sciences clusters), in addition to the chair and vice-chair who, in their turn, represent the two remaining clusters (respectively: Physical Sciences and Engineering, and Health and Food clusters). 

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About the ERIC Forum:  

The ERIC Forum brings together 21 large-scale European Research Infrastructures, and aims to advance operations of ERICs and to strategically contribute to the development of ERIC-related policies. The ERIC Forum is also a consultation body for EU policies related to Research Infrastructures. It centralises the type of challenges that ERICs face in this regard and the potential solutions which are being implemented. 

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